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If you are a Lifetime contracted family, you have been presented to birth parents in situations that meet your criteria. If you would like to be presented to additional birth parents, please speak with your coordinator about changing your preferences.

If you are a non-contracted adoptive family, please fill out a free application as your first step.

If you are a prospective birth parent and would like to have a free listing here, please call us at 1-800-923-6784. We would be happy to send you free information about adoption and choosing a family as well as assistance and resources for your pregnancy needs.

Please note, the list below does not include all adoption situations we are currently working with.

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Birthmother: 8429-2

Due Date: December 2014 Gender: Unknown
State: NE Baby's Race: Caucasian
This birth mother is looking for a younger, two-parent family who does not yet have any other children. She would prefer a family in her area as well. She hopes to complete her adoption plan with a loving family as she feels she is unable to provide the basics for her child.

Birthmother: 8427-2

Due Date: December 2014 Gender: Boy
State: IA Baby's Race: Caucasian
Birth parents are looking for an open adoption with a family that will "love and support him and provide for. . ." They want to consider those families that have waited longer with Lifetime. They are open to any race family and are not closed to those families with children already.

Birthmother: 8442AA-3

Age: 26 Due Date: 2/1/15 Gender: unk
State: VA Baby's Race: AA
Lovely birth mom has one year old and unexpected pregnancy. seeking two parent family open to pictures, letters and possible visits for her unborn child.

Birthmother: 8438BR-3

Age: 24 Due Date: 12/2/8/14 Gender: Unknown
State: TN Baby's Race: Caucasian/African American
This birth mother is interested in a semi open adoption. She would like to receive updates and photos for sure but isn't sure about visits. She is interested in meeting the adoptive family and allowing them to be part of her adoption plan.

Birthmother: 8386-5

Due Date: 10/31/14 Gender: Unknown
State: WI Baby's Race: Caucasian
This birth mother is seeking a Christian family who already has children. She is unsure of how open she would like her adoption plan to be at this point. She smoked cigarettes in the first month of pregnancy but has since quit.

Birthmother: 8409AA-2

Due Date: August 2014 Gender: Unknown
State: NY Baby's Race: African American
This birth mother would love to find a loving family; race of the family does not matter. She is willing to consider those families that have waited longest. She feels that she is financially and emotionally unable to parent another child.

Birthmother: 8393-4

Due Date: 7/24/2014 Gender: Boy
State: CA Baby's Race: Hispanic/Caucasian
This wonderful birth mother and her husband, who are facing some difficult times, are looking to place their son with a loving, Christian family who will give him the opportunities he deserves. The ideal family will agree to an open adoption and be very family oriented.

Birthmother: 8424BR-5

Age: unkno Due Date: January 2015 Gender: Unknown
State: NC Baby's Race: African American/Caucasian
This birth mother is looking for a Christian family for her baby. She does not mind if there are already children in the family, and would like her open adoption to include visits.

Birthmother: 8393AAC-1

Age: 21 Due Date: 1 year Gender: Boy
State: MD Baby's Race: African American
A married Christian family of any race is this birth mothers preference. Birth mother describes her little boy as very healthy and beautiful. She would like an open adoption to include letter, pictures and an occasional visit.

Birthmother: 8403-1

Baby's Age: 2 months old Gender: Boy
State: IA Baby's Race: Caucasian/Hispanic
This birth mother is interested in a family who can provide her son with all that he needs for a beautiful life. She would like the family to be open to an open adoption with letters, pictures and phone calls. The family needs to be healthy physically, financially, and emotionally. Baby is healthy and on track developmentally.

Birthmother: 8415BR-2

Due Date: August 2014 Gender: Unknown
State: NV Baby's Race: Caucasian/Hispanic/African American
This birth mother would like either a two-parent or single adoptive family, with or without children. She is possibly interested in contact after the adoption through pictures & letters. She invites a family of any race to consider her adoption.

Birthmother: 8387AA-2

Due Date: Newborn Gender: Girl
State: OH Baby's Race: Black/African American
This birth mother is very open to a family that will take this sweet baby girl into their home as their own. She wants a good family that is open to sharing letters & pictures after the adoption is completed. Neither age or race of the family matters to this birth mother.

Birthmother: 8391C-4

Age: 22 Baby's Age: 4 Months Gender: Female
State: CA Baby's Race: Hispanic
This caring birth mother is looking for a loving family for her 4 month old daughter. She is seeking a closed adoption with a married couple of any race.

Birthmother: 8333C-2

Child's Age: 6 years old Gender: Boy
State: TN Child's Race Caucasian
Looking for a Christian home with a mother and father for this little guy. He is happy and healthy and would love to have siblings if possible. An open adoption is very much preferred.

Birthmother: 8413-3

Age: 16 Due Date: 11/26/14 Gender: Unknown
State: FL Baby's Race: Spanish/Caucasian
This birth mom is seeking a Catholic, Caucasian family that does not have any children of their own. She is too young to care for a baby so she would like to place her baby for open adoption including letters, photos and visits.
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